Montblanc Bohème Automatic Date 30 mm

January 18th, 2022 at Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Geneva – True elegance is invariably distinguished by tactful understatement. Montblanc’s artisans kept this maxim in mind when they set out to master the challenge of creating a diamond-studded wristwatch that would accentuate, but never outshine, the personality of the lady who wears it. The gorgeous result of their efforts is the Montblanc Star Magie d’Étoiles, a miniature work of art crafted from 18 karat white gold, genuine mother-of-pearl and 2.215 karats of sparkling diamonds. These noble materials combine with the model’s rarity to produce an uncommonly special wristwatch: only fifteen pieces of this precious little treasure will be manufactured for wristwatch aficionados around the world.

With regard to this watch’s design, the creative minds at this Montblanc Bohème Automatic Date 30 mm watch manufacture were inspired by the signet of the elite brand: the creatives allude to the Montblanc brand’s star-shaped emblem no fewer than six times on the white mother-of-pearl dial. The unmistakable Montblanc star is set with 34 brilliant-cut diamonds at the “6 o’clock” position. The left half of the dial bears an arc composed of 22 rhodium-plated pearls, the diameters of which become progressively smaller in a tapering curve from the “7” to the “12.” This artful arrangement is surrounded by a circle of 80 brilliant-cut diamonds around the flange and a second wreath of 42 brilliant-cut diamonds along the bezel. Twenty additional diamonds adorn the straight horns, between which the silkily shiny satin wristband is attached. The beholder again encounters the Montblanc star on the white gold crown, which is topped by a 0.055 carat diamond that has been cut, in accord with a patented geometry, to conform to the stellar shape of the brand’s famous signet.

Montblanc Bohème Automatic Date 30 mm

Especially on the thin and extremely fragile mother-of-pearl dial, the task of setting brilliant-cut diamonds makes exacting demands on a jeweler’s skills. Undivided concentration and the utmost meticulousness are essential in all phases of the work in order to prevent the dial from shattering or developing tiny cracks at the last minute, because such mishaps would ruin the results of many days of painstaking labor.

But even before the brilliant-cut diamonds are set, plenty of artful craftsmanship has already been infused into this superlative watch: to assure that the gemstones scintillate with their loveliest fire, each diamond must first be perfectly cut before it can be inserted, with the utmost precision, into its setting.

Bright white diamonds combine perfectly with the 18 karat white gold case because these precious materials do not compete with one another and because they both reflect the full spectrum of incident light. This harmonious unity is also evident in the white satin wristband, which shimmers with elegant silkiness and is securely closed by a clasp made of 18 K white gold.

Precise display of the time is guaranteed by Caliber MB 4810/103, a Swiss-made quartz movement. To indicate that the battery requires changing, the large seconds-hand begins to advance in five-second increments when a fresh battery needs to be inserted.

The Montblanc Star Magie d’Étoiles will be available starting in the autumn of 2010 in a limited edition of fifteen pieces. Each Montblanc Bohème Automatic Date 30 mm watch’s serial number will be engraved into its white gold back. As a variant of this masterpiece, there will also be a limited edition of ten wristwatches in white gold cases with black Tahitian mother-of-pearl dials and black satin wristbands.