Roger Dubuis Excalibur Aventador S Watch

Driven by the concept of pursuing pleasure, freedom and instant happiness, and with the help of technology service aesthetics, Roger Dubuis Excalibur Aventador S is constantly surpassing the limit and displaying luxury! All watch connoisseurs and super sports car fans, please note: Yongchuang extraordinary Roger Dubuis interprets Lamborghini Roger Dubuis Lamborghini super sports car with pure white chronometer, and takes the launch of this watch as a shock work for the brand to emerge in the field of e-commerce.

Advanced watch enthusiasts are always looking forward to Roger Dubuis’s unique creative experience. In recent years, the brand continues to draw inspiration from other top industries, resulting in an alliance with Italian supercar designers, namely Lamborghini square corse Lamborghini sports department. Then came the passionate creation of “when the brilliant vision of the engineer met the extraordinary creativity of the watchmaker”, which is still the ultimate embodiment of this cooperation. The original Excalibur aventador s wristwatch is made of CCF and titanium alloy case, equipped with the iconic rd103sq movement, which is the first demonstration of the “gallop” alliance on the watch. Today, the Roger Dubuis Excalibur aventador s replica watch, which is exclusively sold online and only has a limited release of 8 pieces, is pure white, and its design inspiration comes from aventador The s super sports car features a range of easily recognizable iconic elements, two 45 degree tilting hairspring wheels, “engine room lever,” a racing style power storage display, and a watch strap made of Alcantara.

What’s more, this watch also uses the world’s first ceramic composite fiber. This advanced high-end material is 20% lighter than carbon fiber. It is the R & D achievement of Roger Dubuis in manufacturing technology, and also a symbol of the brand’s extraordinary skills. In the field of aviation, the resin used as the heat shield is one of the hardest materials. Combined with the ceramic composite fiber material in this table, the compression resistance is improved. Roger Dubuis has successfully used this material in tabulation, which confirms the indisputable position of his brand in the professional field.

Just like every masterpiece created by the sacred palace of the Geneva watchmaking factory, the spectacular structure, grey embellishment and white superstructure of the Excalibur aventador s wristwatch are extraordinary, and its online exclusive sale will surely attract the enthusiastic attention of enthusiasts. We can’t help asking: if we can recreate the game, why should we subvert the rules? Concise and full of action, this “must-have” watch is specially designed for those unique people who live in the present moment. It once again vividly proves that the Roger Dubuis chronometer is not only an innovative game that completely subverts the rules, but also the most exciting way to experience the “super watch”. We sincerely invite you to gallop in the field of track and line.