roger dubuis lamborghini

The performance of super watch, the passion of Roger Dubuis Excalibur Lamborghini Lamborghini super sports car: Roger Dubuis timepiece gallops again. Unyielding to the past, the timepiece created by the brand definitely faces the future, and vividly reflects its strength and confidence in creating new rules all the way. Roger Dubuis chronograph, combined with the brilliant foresight of engineers and the extraordinary creativity of watchmakers, is bound to capture the passionate attention of the most enthusiastic fans.

If we can recreate the game, why should we subvert the rules? In recent years, Roger Dubuis completely subverts the conventions in the field of watches and clocks, actively draws creative inspiration from other top industries with the same values, thus contributing to the birth of a landmark Alliance: Lamborghini square corse Lamborghini sports department. The alliance has successfully created a number of masterpieces of timepieces, and the latest powerful one from Geneva watchmaker is a limited release of 88 pieces of roger dubuis lamborghini Excalibur hurac á n sto.

As the name suggests, this innovative new timepiece draws inspiration from the dynamic Roger Dubuis Excalibur Lamborghini hurac á n sto Lamborghini supercar. Hurac á nsto, the racetrack road super race, is inspired by the traditional features of the hurac á n super Trofeo Evo brand car series of Lamborghini square corse Lamborghini sports department. Its distinctive features are rear wheel drive and 640hp V10 naturally aspirated engine, as well as the resulting acceleration and extreme speed of 310km / h, which ensure that every trip can provide an exciting track experience.

The 45mm Roger Dubuis Excalibur Huracán STO, like its car of the same name, exudes a high spirited and uplifting atmosphere, carrying the rd630 automatic chain movement with honeycomb grille. This watch is equipped with a 12 degree tilting balance wheel and a 360 degree rotating pendulum, showing the unruly vitality of exquisite machinery. Like the wheels of hurac á n sports car, this pendulum has a charming speed effect, and it is also a landmark feature of the movement created by Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini square corse Lamborghini sports department. Excalibur HuR á n sto wristwatch is equipped with a bright carbon fiber case and black DLC titanium alloy watch ring. Its upper movement is equipped with a bridge plate shaped like “engine room rod”, which reminds people of the V10 engine of Lamborghini hurac á n Lamborghini super sports car. The innovative strap of this watch has a dynamic and eye-catching finishing effect. The perforated blue calf leather makes the orange fabric in the lower layer exude a passionate atmosphere, and the back is lined with comfortable rubber material.

The Roger Dubuis Excalibur Huracán STO watch is like an ode to perfect design, specially designed for those unique people who are in line with the spirit of Roger Dubuis – to live in the present moment. For those who are ready to enjoy the wild passion, Roger Dubuis is undoubtedly the most exciting way to experience “hyper horology”. Hedonism, freedom and insanity.