Cartier Maillon De Cartier

In anticipation of Watches and Wonders, Cartier has been teasing out a few of the releases for 2020 – one of which is the brand new collection, Maillon de Cartier. This collection is one of my favorite jewelry watches to come out in recent years. It features an entirely new design, but with DNA that is strictly Cartier.

The Maillon de Cartier is, for lack of a better word, a bracelet watch. It has a relatively small dial with the case measuring 16mm x 17mm and a twisted linked bracelet that is the same thickness as the case. The watch comes in a variety of metals: white, yellow, and pink gold. The pink-gold version has diamonds on the bezel, or you can get a full-pavé version. The white gold is only available with full pavé diamonds. The yellow gold (my favorite) is the only one without any stones. The price for the Maillon de Cartier starts at $200.

Ok, I have a confession, I was able to sneak a peek at this watch last month and real talk, I love it. While Cartier has no shortage of jewelry watches, the Maillon de Cartier is a fresh addition to the maison. It is a perfect example of what Cartier does best – edgy sophistication without too much drama. The word “maillon” means link in French, and that is the highlight of this watch. It doesn’t matter that it might be impossible to tell the time on this watch, because the way the bracelet is articulated and constructed is a true delight.

The linked bracelet is a little bit Écrou and a little bit Juste en Clou, tough but luxe. The bracelet itself is heavy and wears like a weighty bangle that feels right at home on the wrist (as Jack so elegant put it, “it feels alive”). But in reality, it makes you feel like Lauren Hutton or Bianca Jagger circa 1971 in the best of ways. And that, to me, is what speaks volumes about what Cartier produces. Even when you think they have done it all, they come out with something new that remains modern while transforming you back to a more glamorous time.

Yes, this watch is quartz. Yes, this watch is expensive. But who cares when it looks and feels this good?