Lamborghini GT1 Chrono Watch

“Racing legends and hyperwatches” is the tagline on the announcement by BeauGeste Luxury Brands that it has been appointed the exclusive agent for the US and Caribbean markets for products by Tonino Lamborghini S.p.A., the design house launched in 1981 by a second-generation member of the Italian industrial family.

Featured in the announcement are a series of Lamborghini-branded watches designed in Italy and made in Switzerland.

“Founded in 1981 by Tonino Lamborghini, 2nd generation of the Lamborghini industrial dynasty, the company has evolved into a luxury lifestyle and design powerhouse, creating superlative watches, sunglasses, leather, smartphones, restaurants, jet-setters hotels, food and beverage, from coffee to vodka and energy drinks, distributed in 40 countries around the world,” the news release noted.

It goes on to quote Tonino Lamborghini, “In 1981, I started up my new Tonino Lamborghini Style and Accessories company. At the time I was assisting my father in the family group, but I felt the need to do something exclusively of my own, different from the world of engines.

“I have always been interested in design and accessories and I took inspiration from my engineering background. I’ve always loved products linked to mechanics, thus it was obvious for me that the first accessory I designed was a watch.”

Since 2018, the design company has been led by Tonino Lamborghini’s oldest son, former Italian national motorcycle racing champion Ferruccio Lamborghini, and now launches the new Tonino Lamborghini Swiss Watches collection, which includes:
The Spyderleggero Skeleton, is the latest evolution of the Spyder, a design that dates to 2007 and which has been the company’s best seller. “Spyderleggero is – as the Italian name denotes – lighter and more ergonomic than the previous models thanks to its titanium sandwich case and a fiercer, but cleaner and smoother design thanks to its well-defined lines. The typical shield case of the Spyder has evolved into a more modern, futuristic and octagonal shape that recalls the sturdy head of a bull, symbol of the Lamborghini family.”
The Lamborghini Spyderleggero Chrono automatic is the chronograph version with date and date. “The minutes and hours dials recall the image of a sandglass, epitomizing the passage of time, because – as Latins used to say – ‘tempus fugit’ (time flies).”

— The Cuscinetto automatic, a watch which takes its name from the Italian word for ball bearing is a timepiece that Tonino Lamborghini created in 1983 and now, under Ferruccio, is offered with a redesigned case in titanium and in four color variations, and with a new movement and branded buckle.

— The Panfilo automatic, which takes its name from the Greek war ships of Midieval times, but a term now used to refer to large pleasure boats and yachts. The watch was Tonino Lamborghini’s first sub diver for those who sail or dive. It features slanting numbers and indexes on the unidirectional rotating bezel that “add dynamism and vitality to this timepiece that allows a firm and secure grip when submerged in the aquatic world.” The company adds, “The design of the titanium ‘sandwich case’ — with original holes in the lugs inspired by the sport car frames and four visible Torx screws — is a clear tribute to the automotive heritage of the brand.”
The Spyder Chrono Watch is the latest version of a design from 2007 and features a new dial “with a double pattern: carbon fiber in the upper half and côte de Genève in the lower one.”

As with the original Cuscinetto, which Tonino gave to his father, the first new version was presented by Ferruccio to his father, the company notes.

The company adds this “is a timepiece designed and conceived for a man who likes to emphasize the smallest details of his unique and inimitable style. The deployant buckle is a highly singular detail: it is personalized with the Tonino Lamborghini writing and a 3D version of the Bull, present in all the sports models.”
The Lamborghini GT1 Chrono Watch is a quartz chronograph that takes its name from touring car models but “is inspired by the automotive heritage of the brand.” The watch includes start/stop stopwatch pushers “inspired by the sport cars pedals used to accelerate and brake,” and the watch dial is designed to look like a speedometer.

Tonino Lamborghini lifestyle combines Italian flair with the heritage design of our Italian family,” Ferruccio Lamborghini is quoted in the news release. “In 2021 will celebrate its 40th anniversary, the company founded by my father brings the Italian spirit to the world through a series of products that range from watches, eyewear, leather goods – three corporate core businesses – furniture, hospitality projects and branded beverages. A real lifestyle experience brand!”