Jacob and Co Godfather Replica Watch

The Jacob & Co Opera Godfather Edition is truly a musical masterpiece. Watch it come to life on my video review! The design of this timepiece from Jacob Arabo really blew me away. At first, it looked a little bit busy for my eyes, but once I got closer and understood this crazy watch completely, I was mesmerized.
The Opera Godfather Musical Watch combines the world of ultra-high-end watchmaking with the breathtaking complexity of a mechanical musical box, playing the stirring theme music of Francis Ford Coppola’s The godfather watch replica.
The Opera Godfather is powered by its exclusive, 658-component JCFM04 movement, a caliber of absolutely peerless construction and an unmatched capacity to amaze and entertain.
You can even see the tiny keys of the piano being pressed in sequence as you enjoy the Godfather music theme, all while the Godfather himself sits in the center, watching it all while smoking a Cuban cigar! One of the things that impressed me the most from godfather watch replica was the glass.
Music exists in time. Uniting two traditional Swiss crafts, the Jacob & Co. Opera is a highly complicated timepiece and a wearable music box at the same time… Moreover, it is a spectacular show on the wrist that is pretty hard to depict. The ballet of its triple-axis tourbillon and its musical mechanism in action is surprising and captivating. Technically, the combination of these two rare complications is impressive. There is indeed a lot happening and if a picture is worth a 1,000 words, a video is worth a million… It is even a must to present a timepiece that defies traditional labels by playing the Godfather theme and by featuring a miniature Don Vito Corleone in its center!
The musical mechanism works on a principle of a music box miniaturized to be fit into a wristwatch. It is driven by its own barrel. Just like for a minute repeater, a regulator flywheel controls the speed of the complication and sets the pace for the melody played by gears driving two cylinders with pins and steel combs.

The 2 cylinders feature hand-set pins that sweep across the 30 (2×15) blades of 2 combs to play a melody. The precise adjustment of the pins and the different lengths of the blades create the different notes. Each of the 100 pins is inserted by hand in the cylinder with utmost precision. The manufacturing of the combs is critical, in particular, the length of the blades and their strength to produce the right melody.
As the melody is played, the entire mechanical module – including the triple axis tourbillon, the musical mechanism and the hour and minute off-centered indication – rotates 120° around the dial in 20 seconds.

The hand-wound caliber JCFM02 comprises no fewer than 664 parts fit within a diameter of 43 mm. It is regulated by a triple-axis tourbillon. The ballet of the concentric cages allows for multi-dimensional rotations to counter the negative effects of gravity: 40 seconds for the first axis, 3 minutes for the second axis and 8 minutes for the third axis. The complex design comprises 97 parts for just 1.79g. Its variable inertia balance operates at 21,600 vibrations per hour. The power reserve of the timing mechanism is 72 hours.
The movement finishing involves substantial work and artistic mastery. For instance, the ‘jacob and co godfather watch replica’ character at its center is hand-engraved and hand-painted. The gold music score is engraved, and lacquered by hand. The cylinders are gold plated. The plate and bridges are shot-blasted and PVD-coated and the screw heads are mirror-polished. The dial is embellished with gold appliques and it is paired with blued hands.
This impressive movement is housed in a 47 mm case fashioned out of DLC-titanium and pink gold. It is protected under a highly domed sapphire crystal. A technical feat the glass made in one part only, despite its curved top and clear cut angles, it offers an unimpeded view of the complex movement from every angle. The caliber JCFM02 is wound and set via two fold-out crowns at the rear of the watch. The melody is activated via a pusher at 2 o’clock. The watch is worn on an alligator strap secured with a folding clasp.

The jacob and co godfather watch replica is not the first musical wristwatch but it is indeed in a class of its own with its striking design and uber-complex mechanics (with its two-comb musical mechanism and its triple axis tourbillon). It retails for CHF 300.000 for the ‘Godfather’ DLC-titanium/pink gold limited edition we are reviewing here. Several other versions are available with different materials, melodies and theme. It is also possible to order the watch with a melody of your choice.