Panerai Luminor Marina 44mm Guillaume Néry

Inspired by its glorious history and rich technical expertise, Panerai reinforces the inseparable link between the brand and the ocean by introducing a brand new Panerai luminor Marina 44mm watch (model: pam01122) inspired by Ambassador and constant weight free diving world champion Guillaume n é ry.

Panerai realized the importance of easy to read diving instruments, so he developed “luminor” tritium based patented fluorescent materials. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of luminor, the new watch is sold exclusively by Panerai global boutique, with a limited number of 70 and a 70-year warranty

The new Panerai luminor Marina 44mm limited edition is a complete sublimation of innovative aesthetic elements, such as the rubber coating of the bezel, crown and bridge lock bar, the distinctive arc sapphire crystal mirror, and the gradual change dial reminiscent of sunlight penetrating the sea.

The new timepiece is the embodiment of modern tabulation, reflecting the advanced materials and superb skills cultivated by the brand creative workshop, including direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) technology, which uses 3D printing to shape titanium.

This watch is equipped with the p.9010 automatic winding movement, which is only 6 mm thick and is completely designed and developed by Panerai nashatel watch factory. P. 9010 movement is equipped with double spring box, which can provide 3-day power storage. It has the function of fast time adjustment, can move forward or backward for one hour, and can automatically synchronize the date indication function.

Panerai is constantly seeking innovative ways to maintain and improve the performance of its products. The brand will provide a 70 year warranty for the brand new Panerai luminor Marina 44mm Guillaume nery watch, redefining the standard of warranty period.

The new Panerai luminor Marina 44mm Guillaume nery watch is 30 bar (about 300 meters) water-resistant, with a black recyclable PET strap decorated with white stitches and trapezoidal clasps. In addition, each watch comes with a white rubber strap decorated with fluorescent “officine Panerai”, a screwdriver for removing and replacing the strap, and a recycled plastic case. It is worth mentioning that the bottom cover of the watch case is engraved with the diving image and personal signature of payahee Ambassador Guillaume Neri.

Inspired by Guillaume n é ry, the brand ambassador and champion of free diving, Panerai launched a new high-performance watch.

Adhering to the brand’s historical origin and rich accumulation of skills, Panerai, inspired by Guillaume n é ry, the brand ambassador and world champion of constant weight free diving, launched the brand-new Panerai luminor Marina Lumino series Guillaume n é ry Special Edition − 44mm (pam01122), further highlighting the indissoluble bond between the brand and the Ocean.

Panerai is well aware of the importance of professional diving tools for ocean exploration. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of luminor, the patented luminescent material based on tritium, Panerai launched a commemorative tribute, limited to 70 pieces, and promised a 70 year warranty.

The watch will be sold exclusively at Panerai stores around the world. The new Panerai luminor Marina Lumino series Guillaume n é ry Guillaume nery Special Edition − 44mm (pam01122) boldly integrates a number of innovative aesthetic elements. The bezel, crown and lock bar of the watch are coated with rubber coating. The mirror adopts three-dimensional convex design, and the dial presents a gradual effect, vividly demonstrating the charming light and shadow changes when the sun pours into the deep sea.

The new works condense the essence of contemporary watchmaking and fully demonstrate the advanced watchmaking skills of high-tech materials performed by panoramai Creative Workshop (Laboratorio Di idea), including direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) technology, that is, titanium powder is made into watchcase through 3D printing technology.

The new Panerai luminor Marina Lumino series Guillaume n é ry Guillaume nery Special Edition − 44mm (pam01122) is equipped with a p.9010 automatic chain mechanism movement, with a thickness of only 6mm. It is completely independently designed and developed by Panerai nasatair watch factory. The movement is equipped with two spring boxes to provide 3-day power storage; it is equipped with an hour fast adjusting device, the pointer can be adjusted in both directions, and the date can be adjusted synchronously.

While unremittingly exploring innovative technologies to improve watch performance, Panerai has redefined the concept of warranty * and committed to 70 years of warranty service for the Guillaume n é ry Special Edition − 44mm (pam01122) of Panerai luminor Marina Lumino series.

The new wristwatch is waterproof to 30 bar (about 300 meters), with black recycled PET fabric strap, white stitching and trapezoidal clasp. It is also equipped with a white rubber technology strap, and the luminous “officine Panerai” logo is printed for the first time. In addition, the watch is equipped with a screwdriver to remove the clasp and a watch case made of recycled plastic, with the autograph of Guillaume n é ry, the ambassador of the Panerai brand, engraved on the cover. The design engraved on the back of the watch skillfully outlines the dexterous posture of this free diving master in deep water.