Ulysse Nardin watch introduces environmental protection concept Watch

71% of the earth’s area is the ocean. Because of its vast area and huge water storage, it has long been the most stable ecosystem on earth. The original land into the ocean of all kinds of materials can be accepted by the huge ocean, but with the rapid development of world industry in the past hundred years, the various magazines and pollution discharged into the ocean by human beings have exceeded the self purification ability of the ocean, and the marine pollution has become increasingly serious. It is urgent to protect the marine ecological environment!

Europe is surrounded by the sea on all sides and its economy is developed. People in Europe seem to pay more attention to the protection and governance of marine ecological environment than people in other parts of the world. Of course, the same is true of enterprises from Europe.

Volvo, a car company from northern Europe and Sweden, has always been famous for its unique product safety. In addition to safety, Volvo has always been committed to environmental protection and the improvement of environmental protection of vehicles.

Many consumers who have just bought a car will smell the smell of a new car when they pick up the car. The so-called new car smell is actually all kinds of organic volatiles in the car. They come from the coating of leather seat, plastic coating, rubber and car glue, etc., which are commonly referred to as poisonous gas.

Volvo’s flagship car S90 uses health interior materials such as rare birch and natural walnut, which only grow in the remote forests of northern Sweden and Russia. At the same time, Volvo controls the nickel leakage of chrome plated metal accessories to meet the jewelry level certification standard, and the fabric fiber meets the underwear level certification standard. It also specially sets up a professional team to carry out high temperature interior volatile detection.

In addition, Volvo began to increase its environmental protection efforts in 2018, and the specific action is to use recycled plastics to make automobile interior fabrics. The central console, carpet floor and seat fabrics in the car are all made of recycled fiber and plastic from abandoned fishing nets and sea ropes, fibers made from PET plastic bottles and recycled cotton mixture from old clothes. Volvo’s plan is to use recycled plastic seats in at least 25% of new cars by 2025.

In addition to Volvo, a car company from northern Europe, and ulysse nardin watch, a Swiss watchmaker from Eastern Europe, has recently launched a large number of concept watches made of recycled plastic materials. The concept watch of diver net is not the first time ulysse nardin watch has been involved in marine circular economy. In October 2020, ulysse nardin replica watch launched a new r-strap strap, marking the first milestone of ulysse nardin watch on the road of marine circular economy.

Every element of the watch has been carefully designed to highlight the green elements as much as possible. The raw material of the watch strap is pet plastic in the ocean. A special company in Switzerland skillfully transforms the waste plastic into polyamide yarn for weaving watch strap, and then it is produced into watch band. Three young designers from Brittany, France, completed the decorative details of the case, the middle layer of the case, the back and the circle of the watch. They are not only designers, but also jointly set up fil & fab, the first French institution focusing on the recycling and recycling of fishing nets. The agency recycles abandoned fishing nets from the port and then processes them into polyamide plastic pellets for further production.

The double net concept watch is equipped with un-118 movement and silicon technology. Its counter clockwise and unidirectional inner concave bezel is also made of innovative materials recycled from fishing nets. The watch mirror is made of transparent ceramic glass made in rura, Switzerland, instead of the traditional sapphire crystal glass. The watch’s time scale and hands are coated with lemon green superluminova luminous paint to help the wearer read accurately in low light conditions. The dial is equipped with power storage display at 12 o’clock position, and small second hand and date display window are set at 6 o’clock position.

For this brand new watch, ulysse nardin watch invited Mathieu crepel, member of the brand “contemporary Ulysses”, as its product image ambassador. He is not only a world champion skier, but also a pioneer member of the water family, which advocates water conservation and earth health.