Patek Philippe 5575G Replica Watch

When you look at the night sky, some watch enthusiasts will think of the watch related to the sky. That’s right, presenting the night sky on the watch is also a big selling point of the watch industry today. If you wear a starry dial watch, you can see the starry sky without looking up. When it comes to star watches, we must mention the special limited edition of luxurious Patek Philippe 5575G Replica Watch.
2014 is the 175th anniversary of Patek Philippe 1839. To commemorate this special day, Patek Philippe released a lot of excellent watches. One of them is the fake Patek Philippe World Time Moon 5575G. This is a limited edition luxury watch. There are only 1,300 watches in total.
Fake Patek Philippe World Time Moon 5575G combines the spirit and romance of world travel. It pairs with world time in a unique way. This is an innovative way to display the phase of the moon. There are two rotatable dials on the dial. The outer dial cross lists 24 place names. On the right is the eastern city. On the left is the western city. The internal dial shows the 24 hours corresponding to each area. White represents day and black represents night. The hour hand is specially designed into the shape of a hollow star, which highlights the grand theme of the starry sky.
The moon phase of the replica Patek Philippe World Time Moon 5575G is located in the center of the dial. The moon system consists of two thin disks stacked on top of each other. The bottom disk is a beautiful night sky. It contains a very detailed and large moon. This starry sky disk returns to its original position every 29.53 days. The second disk is a static disk. It is a mask that exposes only the visible part of the moon.
Fake Patek Philippe World Time Moon 5575G has a round 39.8MM white gold dial. To prove that this is a limited 175th watch. The caseback is printed with the text “PATEK PHILIPPE GENEVE 175e Anniversaire 1839 – 2014”. Matching the black dial, this fake watch has a black alligator strap. In addition, the buckle is made of gold.
Fake Patek Philippe World Time Moon 5575G designed the moon phase, starry sky and other elements on the dial, giving a mysterious beauty. Since the development of replica Patek Philippe, the star watch has become an integral part of the brand.