Seiko 5 Sports

For over 50 years, Seiko 5 Sports has delivered consistently high levels of reliability, durability, performance and value that have endeared it to lovers of mechanical watches worldwide. Today, with the creation of a new design and a broad new collection, this much loved timepiece is re-born.
Seiko is one of the few fully integrated watch manufactures. We design and develop our own movements using leading-edge technology.
anything under 3k is a poverty watch including tag. BUT seiko 5s are some of the nicest poverty watches out there, and I’d MUCH rather be wearing a $300 poverty watch that is actually a really good quality watch showing, Yes i’m in poverty, but i’m also classy, smart, and a thrifty shopper VS i just bought an overpriced POS tag aqua racer because I want to look like i’m not in poverty and am the special type of phaggot who buys chit to look cool but can’t afford it.
Seiko 5 is Seiko’s introductory line of automatic watches. It is also Seiko’s oldest and longest continually used sub-brand. The “5” stands for the watch’s 5 principal attributes: 1. Diaflex (unbreakable mainspring), 2. Diashock (Seiko’s shock resistant design, equivalent to the Swiss “Incabloc”), 3. Automatic winding, 4. day/date indication, and 5.
Originally Answered: What is your favorite variant of Seiko 5 ? The Baby Monster is a wannabe, the pilot variants are too messy to look, and the dressy watches are too plain, so my favorite would be the SNK805, AKA the military watch.
I’ve recently purchased a Seiko 5 Sports automatic watch with a 7S36 “23 Jewel” movement. I’ve heard from people that the usual tolerated accuracy range of these watches is around 15sec/day right out of the box, with some as good as 5 or 6sec/day. Well, I tested mine yesterday and it turns out it ran fast by about 22sec over a period of 26 hours.
Starting with the Seiko 5, the line was originally launched in 1963 and was meant to offer value-driven everyday watches that were sport ready along with an excellent entry point into the Seiko line up, which by that time – in Japan, at least – included everything from the Seiko 5 all the way to Grand Seiko (which launched in 1960 with the gorgeous 3180-powered J14070).
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Seiko 5 Sports replica proudly announces a collection designed in collaboration with Street Fighter V, a world-famous Player vs. Player fighting game. The collection features six new watches, each inspired by the game’s central characters.
The new 2019 Seiko 5 Sports collection is composed of 27 watches, however, to bring more clarity, these are organised in 5 sub-collections. Seiko 5 SPORTS “Sport STYLE” It is the basic line and therefore the biggest, with 11 different models. All the dials, inner flanges and bezels are monochrome (except for the indexes and numerals, of course).